Thesis about electrical power distribution

OP 29 Jun 09 Electrical cables coming from kVA transformer. In general, there is no NEC requirement for separation below V, as long as all circuit are insulation for the highest voltage in the conduit.

Thesis about electrical power distribution

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The average lifetime of a treated-wood utility pole is typically 40 to 50 years. However, the average lifetime of a treated-wood utility pole in the Eastern Black Sea Region is only about 10—15 years.

In this study, the suggestions for enhancing the service life of treated-wood utility poles in Artvin vicinity were listed by determining the deteriorations and degradations using both visual inspection and nondestructive test methods.

The results showed that the most important factors affecting the service life of utility poles were the decay due to fungi, insects, inadequate impregnation, and the deep cracks and splits. Introduction Wood poles have been used for many decades to support telephone and electric lines throughout North America and all over the world.

Thesis about electrical power distribution

Unfortunately, wood is subject to deterioration, which can occur because of the abiotic and biotic factors. The biotic agents are the most important decay factor, and wooden poles can be attacked by bacteria, insects, and white-rot, brown-rot, and soft-rot fungi.

American chestnut Castanea dentata and western redcedar Thuja plicata were commonly selected species for utility wooden poles in the beginning and those poles were used untreated. Those naturally durable woods provided reasonable service life.

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However, because of the increase in demand for poles and rapid expansion utility systems, it was inevitable to use alternative species.

Although the alternative wood species had good mechanical properties, they generally lacked natural durability. Therefore, those alternative species need to be treated with wood preservatives [ 1 ]. Wood pole inspection and maintenance programs are very important because of the enormous value of this wood pole plant and the high cost of replacement [ 2 ].

Thesis about electrical power distribution

Many detailed researches have been conducted to show the importance of the need for wood pole inspection [ 3 — 11 ]. A comprehensive and detailed wood pole management program must include more than in-place wood pole inspection.

A maintenance program should encompass obtainment of treated poles, selection of the proper dimension and size poles for installation based on expected loadings, monitoring of new attachments and loadings to be certain poles are sufficient to carry the new loadings, cyclic in-place inspection and replacement programs based on new loadings and the results of wood pole inspection, and emergency services.

The tree species most commonly used for poles in Turkey is the Scots pine Pinus sylvestrisbut other species such as spruce and fir are also used.

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Wood is a natural biological material and unfortunately susceptible to fungal and insect attack. Decay in wood decay usually occurs when moisture content of wood materials is above fiber saturation point.

The outer surface of a pole, although usually treated with CCA chromated copper arsenate or with other wood preservatives to protect wood against fungi and insects, can be attacked by the fungi ascomycetes and basidiomycetes especially by copper-tolerant fungi.

However, the internal parts of the pole can be attacked by basidiomycetes fungi, which may enter the wood through deep checks and splits which usually occur during drying process.

Subsequent failure of the wooden poles may be inevitable once the pole loses its structural strength due to decay. The decay in poles is mostly found at or near the groundline zone where the conditions are the most favorable for fungal growth.

Unfortunately, this is also the location of the greatest bending moment on the wood pole, which magnifies the effect of the decay [ 12 ].Introduction to electrical laboratory equipment and instrumentation; analog and digital meters, oscilloscopes, bridges, power supplies, function generators.

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Distribution Electrical In Phd Power Thesis. distribution electrical in phd power thesis load limit, etc. This phd thesis would investigate in details the various technologies about improving the power transmission capability of the overhead and underground power transmission and distribution systems.

Feb 17,  · Introduction: By increasing population of the world, towns are expanding, many buildings construct near high voltage overhead power transmission lines. The increase of power demand has increased the need for transmitting huge amount of power over long distances.

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Inspection of Wooden Poles in Electrical Power Distribution Networks in Artvin, Turkey