Should marijuanacannabis be legalized in canada essay

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Should marijuanacannabis be legalized in canada essay

Regardless, legalizing Marijuana is a hot topic and people all around are discussing what the effects would be from legalizing it.

Marijuana would have many effects on the country, in a country with many social issues already, making marijuana legal could just be adding another problem for the government to face. Many teens overlook the health risks of marijuana thus making them oblivious to the many social and physical issues created by the drug.

Because marijuana has multiple health side effects, one could see how it would negatively affect society. Marijuana has side effects that would negatively affect society and legalizing the drug could potentially not solve any financial issues but make them worse.

Marijuana has many known negative side effects and it impairs your coordination which could cause a very dangerous motor vehicle accident. Some believe that legalizing marijuana would give the government many financial gains from taxing the substance and that the amount of prisoners would decrease leaving more room for violent criminals.

The incoming money could fund drug safety courses, rehab and many other beneficial programs. Theoretically, legalizing drugs will result in a multitude of According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, the longer subjects smoked marijuana, the worse their memories and attention spans got.

The author of the Science of Marijuana, Leslie L Iverson, said that if chronic users of the drug were to try and maintain concentration for long periods of time, they would have a very difficult time. If a large percentage of the American population began to smoke marijuana, many children would lose the authoritarian figure of parents if they see them consuming drugs.

It would also be difficult for parents to perform as they are expected too if they have impaired memory. One doctor states that heavy marijuana smoking can harm the reproductive and endocrine systems.


As a result, a potential effect would bet that people are struggling to create offspring which in could make the population in the United States to decrease. Another effect of Marijuana if legalized and taxed, the government could potentially lose money due to the social.

Regulation and control of a substance through legalization could increase the social and economic costs and the pain and misery goes with it. Another effect of legalizing pot would be that more people will begin to smoke marijuana if it is legalized because the drug will be more accessible to the public.

Legalizing the drug has many discussions flowing, and honestly- nobody truly knows how our country would be by legalizing it. But one thing is for sure, legalizing it would have many effects on society.

Heishman tested marijuana's effects on the functional components of driving. Study subjects smoked a marijuana cigarette, waited 10 minutes, then smoked Drug Control Programme warned the WHO that it would play into the hands of groups campaigning to legalize marijuana.Essay on Marijuana Should Be Legalized in Canada is very little evidence that smoking marijuana as a means of taking it represents a significant health risk.

Should marijuanacannabis be legalized in canada essay

Although, cannabis has been smoked widely in Western countries for more than four decades, there have been no reported cases of lung cancer or emphysema attributed to marijuana,” states Lester Grinspoon, a medical doctor.

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Canadian doctors staying out of 'political football' over marijuana policy | CBC News. The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada say they were invited to 'co-brand' the upcoming federal anti-drug campaign.

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The Essay on Marijuana Should Be Legalized The Term Paper on Marijuana Cannabis Effects Users effect, Dr. Heishman tested marijuana's effects on the functional components of driving.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Canada, or Should It Not they will do to have marijuana legalized, giving not much backup thought have to be on. Imagine the day that marijuana is finally legalized everywhere.

This funny weed meme shows you exactly what the world will look like from the sky! "Canada's Premier Marijuana and CBD Drop-shipping Wholesaler" "Against legalization of weed essayscorer Nov · College freshman essay on Marijuana Legalization. I can improve on or.

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