Problem and solution writing activities

After over 20 years of teaching college English, VirginiaLynne loves to share tips, teaching plans, and information about the profession. How to Start Teaching how to write a problem solving essay can be difficult.

Problem and solution writing activities

I am back with another post about story elements read about character here and here! I really wanted my students to understand that the problem and solution must fit together like a puzzle.

The memory motions we used for problem and solution were very simple. We did a sad face and a thumbs down for problem and a big smile and a thumbs up for solution. This week was a 4 day week yay!

problem and solution writing activities

Here are the books we read. Plus, the main character is adorable. This is the story of Alfred the pug. None of the other animals like Alfred, but in the end he meets a friend who loves him for him.

Problem and Solution Reading Activities with Graphic Organizers

Aaron grows out his hair to look like his dad, but then his long hair become a pain. Once he realizes he actually likes his hair, his hair jumps back on his head.

Wednesday Crazy Hair Day is my all time favorite book for problem and solution which is a good thing because I was observed during this lesson. Stanley is all ready for crazy hair day. Luckily, his class comes to the rescue in a cute and fun way.

Opportunities to Practice

After a few days of tracking our problems and solutions together, I had my students bring their clipboards to the carpet to record the problem and solution in the story as we read.

Almost every students was able to correctly explain the problem and solution in the story. Sylvester finds a magic, red pebble that allows him to wish for anything he wants.

On his way home to show his parents, he runs into a lion, gets scared, and wishes to be a rock! In the end, his family learns a lesson about what really matters in life. This is also a great book to discuss how characters react to problems which is in the 2nd grade common core standards.

problem and solution writing activities

As I mentioned, we charted our problems and solutions all week long. Then on Thursday, I had my students pick a fiction book from their book boxes and chart their own problem and solution. They did a fantastic job! Click the picture below the grab the matching cards and graphic organizers I used during these lessons for free in my TpT store.Students will identify the problem of a story.

2) Students will identify the solution to the problem. 3) Students will understand that most narratives have a problem and a solution. A PROBLEM-SOLUTION PROJECT Overview and Rationale for the Project The teaching/learning experience that you are about to review is the first-person narrative of a first-year, fourth grade.

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I really wanted my students to understand that the problem and solution must fit together like a puzzle. We emphasized that all week long because it not only helped them understand the problems and solutions in the stories we read, but also because it will help improve their writing skills.

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Find this Pin and more on RW/word work by Bebe Greenberg. Third Grade Week Problem and Solution - could have these pre-written, give a piece to each student and have them each find the problem and solution that match together.

This lesson will explain the characteristics of the problem and solution text structure. While teaching, be sure to explicitly discuss how this is different from cause and effect. The two are very similar and identifying the text structure will come down to those clue words again.

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