Newspaper comparison

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Newspaper comparison

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: Nicaragua managed Newspaper comparison survive the s when the Sandinista-Contra war polarized the country in a brutal civil war. Peace, however, has been less than kind since it came accompanied with natural disasters, like Hurricane Mitch in that killed over 2, people, made hundreds of thousands homeless, and left the country with billions in damage.

Bordered by Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua has about 5 million people most of whom are mestizos mixed European and indigenous heritage. One out of every five Nicaraguans lives in Managua, the capital city. The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua coverssquare kilometers.

The dominant language is Spanish 95 percent with English Creole and Miskito spoken to some extent in the Caribbean region. Most people are Roman Catholic but evangelical Protestantism is making great headway in the region in general.

The country has 36 political parties but most forge alliances with like-minded groups in the political elections. The center-right Liberal Alliance has been in power since The adult illiteracy rate averages 34 percent; in Latin America as a whole, the average is approximately 13 percent.

The nation's gross domestic product makes Nicaragua one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere—only Haiti ranks lower in terms of per capita gross domestic product. The nation has also suffered from unemployment rates that have reached as high as 80 percent.

Newspaper comparison

As these statistics suggest, Nicaragua is a country of extremes with only a very small middle class wedged between the very wealthy and very poor.

Despite the fact that the majority of the population cannot afford to buy a newspaper, the press plays a fundamental role in national affairs and in the formation and expression of elite as well as broader public opinion. Nicaraguan journalism has been intricately bound up with the nation's political and ideological struggles.

Background & General Characteristics

Traditionally, politicians have owned the media and use it as an instrument to bestow favors upon their political allies or to attack adversaries. Despite the fact that the nation's civil war has ended and the country has embarked on the same neo-liberal political and economic programs of the majority of its Latin American neighbors, the press remains polarized between supporters and detractors of the parties who are in power.

Inthe first Europeans came to Nicaragua. Ina Spanish exploratory mission reached the southern shores of Lago de Nicaragua Lake Nicaragua. The two cities developed into two bitterly opposed political factions.

Liberals supported the interests of merchants and smaller farmers and the opening up of trade. Nicaragua gained independence from Spain inalong with the rest of Central America. It was part of Mexico for a brief time, then part of the Central American Federation, and finally achieved complete independence in The first printing press arrived in Granada a few years after independence inrelatively late by Latin American standards.

Soon after, the next three largest cities had type shops and presses. These first newspapers were of small size and few pages, and usually reprinted laws and governmental decrees. Afterthe newspapers improved in quality and quantity, inserting essays, editorials and verse among the official decrees.

At the same time, the elite began publishing broadsides to disseminate information, usually political in nature. Libraries were not common and printed material as well as education remained out of reach for all but the nation's elite. Inthe British seized the port and renamed it Greytown.

It became a major transit point for hordes of hopefuls looking for the quickest route to Californian gold. Walker and his band of mercenaries took Granada easily, and he proclaimed himself president. He was soon booted out of the country one of his first acts was to institutionalize slavery and eventually killed when he tried to come back.

Walker foreshadowed continual U. For example, the U. Marines were stationed there between andostensibly to support democracy in the region, but more concerned with U. Inthe contentious divisions between the nation's conservative and liberal factions were still aflame and the Marines intervened whenever things got too hot.

The turbulent s resulted in the political arrival of two men who would leave their legacies on the nation:Newspaper Comparison Today's society is in many respects dominated by the media. Newspapers, books, television, radio and the Internet not only play significant role in an average person's life but are also multi-billion pound industries that, through the public exposure they are .

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Newspaper comparison

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