Karen hutton copywriting a name

Michael Margolis Hi Snufkin — I can totally relate to you. Do you ever record your talks and get them transcribed? Stormy Sweitzer HI Michael, I love your story-telling approach, but have fallen victim to dry, corporate-speak that influenced the earlier part of my career. I listened in to your call last Wed for as long as you spoke and look forward to the recording to help me get my story out in a meaningful, interesting way.

Karen hutton copywriting a name

When I met Vern last week, she asked me when my next promised blog post is coming up. I had a few lined up but when I saw this, I believe this is worth sharing. At least to kickstart In fact, I grew up introverted and shy.

Everyone says they were shy as children but I was more so with my short sightedness, awful hair and skinny frame. In fact, I was just another mediocre girl in school!

When I was 10 years old, I decided to put some effort into my school work after almost failing my Math test. I had cringed when I showed dad my Math results and wished the earth would swallow me up then and there.

The acute embarrassment and discomfort made me promise myself never to be caught in such a situation again. I came up with my own system of writing notes. With my own mind maps, I could recall vast amounts of information and I could write, explain and expound my points of view.

When I discovered I could be good at my studies and ace exams, I felt confidence seeping into my life. When my best friends and I started representing our school in inter-district debates and started to win, I found myself relishing the idea of standing up and speaking in front of an audience.

Interestingly, sports was still an area that I feared. With that little spot of confidence that I had, I tried out for the school hockey team.

And so it is with many things in my life. I always tell friends that I have never even considered being an entrepreneur — I was always going to climb the corporate ladder. But life has an odd way of turning inside out.

But sitting still has never been my strong point. I ended up helping my husband in his web design business which eventually became mine as I became his business partner.

Initially, I had no idea what web design was.

karen hutton copywriting a name

I had no design nor programming knowledge but I am an optimist. I googled things up. I figured it out on my own. I started becoming interested in all things web design and I learnt how to market our business. A friend said that she could see I was passionate about marketing.

I said I had to learn how to market because I had to sell our web design services and I had to be faster and smarter so that I could help our clients.SEO Copywriting Because search engines love content, SEO copywriting is a skill for optimising website content so that it is more likely to be found in search engines.

By carefully writing content that match the keywords your reader is looking for you can increase targeted traffic to your site.

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Comments. Read More. Next Post. New Here? Click Me + Hi! and creating a written voice. I’ve since packaged up my passions into my own business, where I offer copywriting, social media management, and photography for small local businesses. Karen Hutton.

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Álvaro García Linera points out that it is the end of globalization. I interviewed other agents initially but Carla's integrity, sensitivity and understanding of the Kenmore area, coupled with the good name of the company made it an easy decision to make.I am certainly glad I went with Carla as I sold my property for a very good price in record time.

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