Holt model essays

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Holt model essays

Associative and Time Series Forecasting Models Associative and Time Series Forecasting Models 1 January Life Associative and Time Series Forecasting involves using past data to generate a number, set of numbers, or scenario that corresponds to a future occurrence.

It is absolutely essential to short-range and long-range planning.

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Time Series and Associative models are both quantitative forecast techniques are more objective than qualitative techniques such as the Delphi Technique and market research. Time Series Models Based on the assumption that history will repeat itself, there Holt model essays be identifiable patterns of behaviour that can be used to predict future behaviour.

To use this model you look at several historical periods and choose a method that minimises a chosen measure of error.

Then use that method to predict the future. In TSM there may be identifiable underlying behaviours to identify as well as the causes of that behaviour. The data may show causal patterns that appear to repeat themselves — the trick is to determine which are true patterns that can be used for analysis and which are merely random variations.

The patterns you look for include: Trends — long term movements in either direction Cycles — wavelike variations lasting more than a year usually tied to economic or political conditions eg gas prices have long term impact on travel trends Seasonality — short-term variations related to season, month, particular day eg Christmas sales, Monday trade etc In addition there are causes of behaviour that are not patterns such as worker strikes, natural disasters and other random variations.

Simple average — takes the average of some number of periods of past data by summing each period and dividing the result by the number of periods. For each subsequent period, the oldest period of data drops off and the latest period is added Weighted average applies a predetermined weight to each month of past data, sums the past data from each period then divides by the total of the weights.

If the forecaster adjusts the weights so that their sum is equal to 1, then the weights are multiplied by the actual demand of each applicable period.

The results are then summed to achieve a weighted forecast. Generally, the more recent the data is, the higher the weight.

Weighted moving average this is a combination of weighted and moving average which assigns weights to a predetermined number of periods of actual data and computes the forecast the same way as moving average forecasts.

Holt model essays

As with all moving forecasts, as each new period is added, the data from the oldest period is discarded. Exponential smoothing is a more complex form of weighted moving average in which the weight falls off exponentially as the data ages. This method is known by several other names: This can be analysed using either the multiplicative or additive method.

In the additive version, seasonality is expressed as a quantity to be added to or subtracted from the series average. For the multiplicative model seasonality is expressed as a percentage seasonal relatives or seasonal indexes of the average or trend.

These are then multiplied times values in order to incorporate seasonality. This form of analysis can take several months and is used for medium-term forecasts for products in their growth or maturity phase.

The procedure for this model is to collect several periods of history relating to the independent and dependent variables themselves, establish the relationship that minimizes mean squared error of forecast vs actual using linear or non-linear and singular or multiple regression analysis.

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So you first predict the independent variable, then look at the established relationships between that independent variable and the dependent ones to predict what the dependent variables will be. You then develop an equation that summarizes the effects of predictor variables.

To do this you will need aggregate data which is not always readily available and this model can be become overly complex the more factors are included as variables.Dr. Obermeier's Sample Paper Files.

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Holt model essays

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