Freelance writers websites

Your freelance writing website is your biggest marketing tool. In this day and age, the majority of your clients will come from the web.

Freelance writers websites

The Online Freelance Goldmine: Both the aspiring and the freelance writers websites stringer learn that for every ten query letters sent to print publications, only one will get a lukewarm response.

And for every ten of those semi-favorable responses from a print editor, perhaps one will result in acceptance of an article that translates into a byline, and just as importantly, a check for the freelancer.

The frustrations of the job, including fierce competition for limited print space and long response times from harried editors means that even the most hardy freelancer can become discouraged from an empty mailbox and an empty bank account.

Despite the explosion of "new media," freelance writers remain hesitant to submit their queries to commercial website editors. Many freelancers believe that commercial website editors, whether they are hawking butchery, baking or candlestick making, have enough content supplied by the experts within the firm freelance writers websites the website.

Obviously, freelancers believe, the website editor will cull content for the site from the sales, marketing and finance groups in the company. Smart freelancers will debunk this content myth and profit from it.

The truth is that most websites are content goldmines for smart writers. Website editors are hired by their firms to support the design, systems and technology of a firm's website and while their technological resources are generally well-focused, the content of the site often gets short shrift as the editor concentrates on the nuts and bolts of designing a site, rather than populating the site with content.

Commercial websites, whether registered for major investment banks or the most niche small business, need interesting copy to hold the viewer's attention.

The industry term for how long a site can hold a viewer's interest is called "stickiness. Who better to write the kind of text that causes people to click than freelance writers with fiction and nonfiction writing experience?

Most firms cannot find enough competent and conversant writers internally to populate the site, and often substitute large icons and fancy graphics until they can figure out what to do with the empty page space.

This is not surprising: The Internet Revolution is another way for firms to distribute their products, but that doesn't mean that traditional marketing people will be able to write effective content for a text-based tool.

Marketing types get paid because they can coax the customer into the sale. They do not, generally, have writing skills necessary to intrigue the customer into inquiring about the services or products firms offer.

Freelancers can write content that gets clicks. And while it's all well and good for someone this freelancer to pontificate on the ease of breaking into commercial websites, practical tips are necessary to get started.

There are some basic ways to make contacts in the industry: Surf onto websites that you already know and use. Contact the webmaster via email and ask about the potential to submit content for the site.

Make recommendations in your first email and include an attached mock-up sample. Most webmasters will forward your comments to the web editor and will probably reply fairly quickly to your emailed response.

Find online versions of the corporate parents of the magazines to which you normally query. The companies that own magazines have home pages and usually, have websites devoted to the magazines that they publish. Frequently, even the freelancer that has not been able to break into the print version of the publication can get a gig with the online editor.

There is usually a bit of competition between the "old" and "new" media forms of the publication and website editors may feel like the stepchildren to their print colleagues.

Transaction volume is how start-ups get more funding, and how established companies measure their performance when they publish annual reports. The web editor may be the creative person in the company, but he or she will always report to the business analyst in the company.

And any content that gets transactions will get a web editor's ongoing attention. Web design firms are a great place to establish long-running freelance relationships.

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Companies hire design firms to develop the technology to power their new e-commerce sites. Web design firms are full of cracker-jack sharp businessmen, programming geeks, account directors and design coordinators. But very, very few design firms keep editors and writers on staff to help design the prototype of a company's content.

A freelancer that can pitch for the content business and demonstrate the ability to meet often critically tight deadlines can cash in on corporations that are flush with cash and racing to establish an e-commerce website.

There are a few basic questions the freelancer needs to answer to illuminate the nature of the business and therefore, the nature of the pitch for the job. Does the company sell its products on the site, or merely provide information with regard to the company's products and services?

If the site serves as an online brochure for the company or for corporate shareholders, the text will be more formal, especially if it is a publicly-traded company. The background of the company, bios of the officers, and perhaps even an annual report will be included.

If it's a retail site, the best chance to get a gig is for the writer to stress his promotional copywriting experience.You’re a freelance writer.

You get paid to write for websites, magazines, corporate clients — all different types of gigs. And it’s work you can do from anywhere.

One week, you’re on the beach. The next, perhaps you’re in the mountains. The week after that, you’re. Writers Access: Writers Access help over 25, businesses collaborate with 15, freelance writers. It is an “award-winning content creation platform” where freelance writers are paid per word according to their star review rating.

freelance writers websites

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“I love the Freelance Writer’s Den and tell other writers that it is the most cost-effective resource. I’ve really benefited from the query and LOI reviews in the Den, . Oct 31,  · If you want to become a freelance writer, do a search online for websites that help writers find contract work.

Search the listings of freelance jobs on these sites and apply to anything that interests you. Pay extra attention to any job opportunities Views: K.

Best Websites for Beginners to Generate Online Income

Freelancers, looking for good pay jobs in designing, writing, IT, marketing, administration, and other fields, sign up here. 6. PeoplePerHour. This site brings together people who are either seeking or offering services relating to writing, web development, designing, social media, business development etc.

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