Effect of deforestation in extinsion in flora and fauna

Extinction of Plant and Animal Species Massive extinctions have occurred five times during the earth's history, the last one was the extinction of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago.

Effect of deforestation in extinsion in flora and fauna

The destruction of natural forests because of cutting trees, logging, making space for cattle grazing, mining, extraction of oil, building dams and population expansion is known as deforestation.


A major part of this loss took place in the last 50 years alone. Forest goods and most importantly the wood, has been the essential need of the human civilization for over centuries and continues to be the main source of several activities that a man performs in his day to day proceedings.

For example, paper is indispensible part of personal or official means of conducting the dealings. Invariably, this would necessitate human beings to source the wood from the forests leading to deforestation. The timber is used as important construction material and also forms an important source of raw material for paper production.

To make the timber products cheaper, governments allowed deforestation without realizing the fact that it would destroy ecological balance. Division of Habitation — Construction of roads through the forests leads to division of habitation of animals, birds and other species.

Once the roads are put to use, they pose a barrier for free movement of wildlife. Although, a small portion of forest land would have been used by felling trees, the division of habitation would be strongly felt by wildlife leading to imbalance.

Further, such construction of roads provides easy access to logging and encourages uncontrolled activity of timber production. This way large tracts of forest land is deforested for cultivation. Unfortunately, most of these countries do not realize that the land itself is responsible for its fertility rather than the forest mass.

Cut and blaze farming is possibly sustainable provided density of population is below 8 per square kilometer. But in reality, more than 30 people habitat a given square kilometer leads to the destruction of complete balance. Deforestation for Grass and Land Development — Grass lands are needed for cattle feeding and developing the cattle growing industry.

In order to raise the cattle cheaply, some counties followed the deforestation route at it is and cheap allowing local industry to meet the demand of multinationals for cheaper animal products. Forest as Source of Fire Wood — Less privileged nations, because of poverty and poor economic conditions, are forced to use forest as a principle source of fire wood for its people.

They tend to deforest for fuel wood production leading to large tracts of forest land becoming barren. To replenish the deforested area it would take not less than 12 to 15 years but such duration greatly imbalances the forest sustainability.

Besides, it is a widely recognized fact that fire wood as fuel is the most pollution producing material. Atmospheric — For global warming deforestation is the major contributor.

Deforestation causes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, a layer forms in the atmosphere that traps sun radiation.Deforestation is the removal of damage of forest vegetation to the extent that the effected area can no longer support its natural flora and fauna (Thomson, tranceformingnlp.com).

I think that the four main causes of deforestation which interrelate with each other .

Effect of deforestation in extinsion in flora and fauna

Impacts on flora and fauna effects on some of the biotic inhabitants of the The issue of impacts on flora and fauna is much broader than a concern for individual specimens, and any useful discussion in this area must be considered in the larger context of biodiversity conservation.

Natural Causes of Extinction.

Effect of deforestation in extinsion in flora and fauna

Climatic Heating and Cooling. Climate Change is caused by a number of things. The effect that climate has on extinction is very big.

The biodiverse Earth can't keep up with the rapid changes in temperature and climate. Flora and Fauna: Displaced by Climate Change: In , in an effort to develop plans to Conserve as many species as possible as the pace of climate change continued to accelerate, ecologists and wildlife officials began envisioning what Earth’s ecosystems would look like years in the future.

In September the National Audubon Society. The usual connotation when we hear about deforestation is that it is something that can bring harm to mother nature.

Top Five Causes of Species Extinction

What would come to mind apart from harming the environment is aggravating the problem in global warming, natural resources being depleted and lastly the extinction of flora and fauna. Deforestation is the clearing, destroying, or otherwise removal of trees through deliberate, natural or accidental means.

It can occur in any area densely populated by trees and .

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