Business plan images png files

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Business plan images png files

Missile and rocketry testing and development would take place here through the s. Apollo program InPresident Kennedy proposed to Congress the goal of landing a man on the Moon by the end of the decade.

Congressional approval led to the launch of the Apollo programwhich required a massive expansion of NASA operations, including an expansion of launch operations from the Cape to adjacent Merritt Island to the north and west.

On July 1,the site was named the Launch Operations Center.

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Three were scheduled for construction A-C, to the southeast and two D and E, west and north would have been built at a later date. The numbering of the pads at the time was from north to south, with the northernmost being 39A, and the southernmost being 39C.

Pad 39A was never built, and 39C became 39A in With today's numbering, 39C would have been north of 39B, and 39D would have been due west of 39C. Pad 39E would have been due north of the mid-distance between 39C and 39D, with 39E forming the top of a triangle, and equidistant from 39C and 39D.

The Crawlerway was built with the additional pads in mind. At the end of the arm, the white room provided an environmentally controlled and protected area for astronauts and their equipment to enter the spacecraft.

At the pad, the MLP was supported by six steel pedestals, plus four additional extensible columns. This system allowed for rotation with a second flame deflector, after the first was refurbished after each launch.

The third floor had four firing rooms corresponding to the four high bays in the VABeach with sets of control and monitoring equipment.

The LCC was connected to the Mobile Launchers by a high speed data link, and during launch a system of 62 closed-circuit television cameras transmitted to monitor screens in the LCC.

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The highly explosive nature of these chemicals required numerous safety measures at the Launch Complex. The facility was a two-story series of rooms beneath the launch pad, constructed of reinforced concrete located on the west side of the flame trench and was protected by up to 20 feet 6. A total of thirteen Saturn Vs were launched for Apollo, and the unmanned launch of the Skylab space station in The mobile launchers were then modified for the shorter Saturn IB rockets, by adding a "milk-stool" extension platform to the launch pedestal, so that the S-IVB upper stage and Apollo spacecraft swing arms would reach.

The SRBs used solid propellant, hence their name. Then, using a massive crane, the orbiter was lowered and connected to the External Tank.

Payload to be installed at the launch pad was independently transported in a payload transportation canister then installed vertically at the Payload Changeout Room. Otherwise, payloads would have already been pre-installed at the Orbiter Processing Facility and transported within the orbiter's cargo bay.

The Rotating Service Structure has been rolled away in preparation for launch. Sound suppression water system[ edit ] A Sound Suppression Water System SSWS was added to protect the Space Shuttle and its payload from effects of the intense sound wave pressure generated by its engines. Due to heating of the water, a large quantity of steam and water vapor was produced during launch.

Swing arm modifications[ edit ] The doors to the White Room, which provided entry to the Shuttle crew compartment, are seen here at the end of the access arm walkway The Gaseous Oxygen Vent Arm positioned a hood, often called the "Beanie Cap," over the top of the External Tank ET nose cone during fueling.

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This prevented the formation of ice that could fall and damage the shuttle. The GUCP provided support for plumbing and cables, called umbilicals, that transferred fluids, gases, and electrical signals between two pieces of equipment. While the ET was being fueled, hazardous gas was vented from an internal hydrogen tank through the GUCP, out a vent line to a flare stack where it was burned off at a safe distance.

Sensors at the GUCP measured gas level. Emergency pad evacuation[ edit ] M armored personnel carriers parked near LC In an emergency, the launch complex used a slidewire escape basket system for quick evacuation.Business PNG Transparent Images Download top and best high-quality free Business PNG Transparent Images backgrounds available in various sizes.

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business plan images png files

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