Anne frank opinion essay

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Anne frank opinion essay

February 19, There is no other story on Earth like Anne's journal. It's an unfinished story, finished only by history- not Anne's words. Anne would have loved to see her work published. Anne has inspired many - like me - to be thankful for the world we have. I think she was a wonderful person who truly understood life.

Anne frank opinion essay

It's impressive how Anne was able to stay strong throughout hiding. She was one of the wisest people, who could see the good in everyone. I wish Anne Anne frank opinion essay be here today because she would continue to be a great role model for everyone all over the world.

January 14, The story of Anne Frank is one that makes me thankful for the changes we have made today.

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This kind of thing could have very well happened to me if history was different and we hadn't learned from our mistakes. Somehow, even through the bad, Anne still managed to be happy. This is inspiring to me and makes me think that I should be more grateful for what I have and find more happiness in my life.

I am privileged to live freely, unlike Anne. Anne Frank's diary was moving and very inspiring piece of literature. I am amazed at how Anne was able to live in the Secret Annex for 2 years without any fresh air and her best friends.

Also, Anne's opinions about her family and the world in general in her diary are so honest and true that I can really get an understanding of how Anne was like. Many of her beliefs, such as believing that everybody in the world is good at heart, are similar to mine.

I wish she was still alive so that I can meet her and see what else we have in common. It saddens me that Anne died at such a young age in a concentration camp, but I commend her for being brave and having courage under oppression.

Vatican City, Italy Response: When I read the Diary of Anne Frank, I was amazed, yet horrified, at the sort of trouble that her family and the Van Daans or Van Pels had to go through just to survive. It was completely eye-opening to see what it must have been like, living in the constant fear of a fate worse than death that would only lead to death.

The gripping tale was wonderfully illustrated in the play, and by the end of the book, I was hoping that from some terrible historical mistake, that Anne and the rest of the Annex somehow survived the wrath of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

The struggle of the Franks and the Van Daans Pels was also very emotional, to see stress and fear eating away at the very heart of the people in the Annex. The bright light in the book was Mr.

Kraler and Miep who were, in my opinion, the heroes of the book.

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It was nice and really quite wonderful to see that even in the worlds darkest hour, there were those who still stuck to the path of good and helped those who were being discriminated. Although sad, this story was very inspiring. Not only did it really bring out the true roots of human nature, but the lessons that the book taught about controlling it were amazing.

Through strong characters like Mr. Frank, Miep, and Mr.Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton and the Lake of the Ozarks.

All of Mid-Missouri. The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank and B.M. Mooyaart, was actually the real diary of Anne Frank. Anne was a girl who lived with her family during the .

The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review - The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review On June 12, , at AM, a baby girl was born in Frankfort, Germany.

Aug 07,  · Anne Frank Opinion Essay Anne Frank is one of the most important figures during World War II. Anne was a regular teenage girl that happened to live during the time of the Second World War and became famous through her writings about her experiences.

Anne frank opinion essay

I wrote my college admissions essay on an Anne Geddes photograph. The prompt was something along the lines of: “Write about a work of art that made a lasting impact on you.”.

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